BarfBag v1.0

Thank you all!

A big thank you to all users of BarfBag. You downloaded more than 2000 times in the days of the congress. We hope the app was useful to you. If you did like what we did, please let us know in the congress wiki or leave a review in the AppStore. Reviews which carry less than 3 stars will not be read, sorry! ;-)

See you all on the next congress, and keep an eye on the upcoming update, which will provide access to the archive of recorded streams.
Best, trailblazr

Known Issues & Workarounds

BarfBag 1.0 has a small bug, which prevents correct updating of the Fahrplan data in german language. To keep up-to-date, please switch device to region format "United Kingdom(!)" AND the language of your device to "English" language, than update the Fahrplan. You can switch it back to german settings after that procedure, but you need to repeat this as a german speaking user everytime you want an updated schedule. International users may need to switch permanently to the above mentioned settings. (Sorry, things like this happen if you are coding into early morning hours... don't do that.).

Opening Wiki Pages in the internal webbrowser of BarfBag may fail due to unverifyable SSL-certs. The only reliable workaround is opening the URL in Safari (use the actionbutton in the upper right corner). Nevertheless you can try to point your Safari to the CAcert-site and download/install the root-certificate from CAcert on your device. Please choose "Class 1 PKI-Schluessel / Stammzertifikat (PEM Format)"

Here is the link:

After the install of the certificate, please restart the complete device by switching it off and on again (Yes, I know this feels like using windows). Restart BarfBag again, now all sites might be shown correctly. Basically some valid SSL/Cert of the Wiki would really help here. ;)

We have setup a non-SSL-based caching of some wiki-pages to work around this issue in the LIVE Streams tab to enable access to at least some very important wikipages.

The live streams will be up and running as soon as the congress begins. The app will fetch the correct and up-to-date info when updating its Master Configuration. You can enforce this by pressing the "RESET"-button in the Settings. Your favourites will be kept even if you reset all Settings!

The Livestreams Tab also caries a lot of dynamic info and links to various useful stuff. Have a look here from time to time to discover new and useful information. The LIVE coverage from the german radiostation Deutschlandfunk is directly linked, so you can at any time tune into the station e.g. to follow the live coverage.

When using iCloud sync there might occur an issue where the app on wake from sleep displays a white screen. Please kill the app when this happens. It is a bug. You can avoid this bug by turning off iCloud sync if you do not need it and just switch it on occasionally to sync the stuff you need.

In case of problems syncing to/from iCloud at all, one valid procedure consists of deleting the iCloud account from your device. This can be a way to fix general syncing trouble with the cloud. I made positive experience with deleting the iCloud account (on the device) and a minute later reconnecting it. That fixed it for me.

In case of problems connecting to the chaos infrastructure you can switch the app to use the backupserver to update its schedule, workshop & assembly informations. Just switch in the Settings to "Use Backupserver permanently" this will fetch the latest publicly available data which was cached by the backupserver. Usually this should also significantly speedup the refresh of data during autoupdate.

Keep in mind, that stuff tapped in the Livestreams area is NOT CACHED on the device and fires up the internal browser fetching linked URL's from the web thus costing you valuable data traffic if you are on an Non-Wifi-Connection. Keep that im mind when tapping those items. ;)

Help & Service

During congress developers of BarfBag (i.e. trailblazr & plaetzchen) will be around at the CCH. You can meet them and asking them questions is welcome. It is allowed to buy them a Club Mate or a Hot Coffee. ;-) If you do that, they might provide you with a completely bugfixed release of the app directly to your device.

BarfBag was coded pretty quickly from scratch in just 14 days (okay actually this was 14 nights). Since we had to meet a deadline for Apple to review it, small issues of the app (which are already fixed and mentioned above) are still remaining in release 1.0. The fixes did not make it into the final release on the AppStore until now but there will be an update after the congress. Please be patient with us! We tried our very best. :)


Feedback for the App is very welcome. You can leave Feedback on the Appstore (open in Safari, please.) and in the congress wiki's discussion page (you need to be a registered user) or you send an email to the devs of BarfBag.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
BarfBag von trailblazr steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht-kommerziell - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.

Have fun at the 29c3!

Updated: 23:16 26th of Dec 2012